Vol. 9, No. 1, November 2007


ASA logoNew Research Group Forming: Age and Consumption

The American Sociological Association’s Section on Aging and the Life Course sponsors several Research Groups that function as interest groups and informal networks within the Section.  There are plans to form a new Research Group on Age and Consumption in 2008.  The collective welcomes scholars:

  • with an interest in age and all phases of the consumption cycle: markets, production, acquisition, possession, and disposal;
  • who study all manner of commodities and goods, such as housing, financial services, leisure and travel, fitness, and self-care, but also a host of other consumer items;
  • who focus on consumption from the perspective of the enterprise, the consumer, or both;
  • who theorize the intersection of life course, identity, and consumption.

Whether you are a Section member or not, student or faculty, the organizer, David Ekerdt, would welcome a note of inquiry.  If there is sufficient interest, the Research Group could have its first meeting at the ASA meeting in Boston, in conjunction with the Aging and Life Course section’s Roundtable session on August 1, 2008.  Possible presentations at that session would be eligible for listing in the ASA meeting program. 

Again, please direct inquiries and expressions of interest to David Ekerdt at the University of Kansas (dekerdt@ku.edu).  Is there a market for this? 

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We invite you to check it out and give us feedback. We welcome your input.
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