Vol. 7, No. 2, May 2006

Consumers and Consumption Regular Sessions
ASA 2006, Montreal

Consumers and Consumption

Organizer and Presider:
Sharon Zukin, City University of New York Graduate Center


"Real Jeeps Are Built- Not Bought": The Social Construction of Authenticity in a Lifestyle Community
Michael Rosenbaum, Indiana University

In Praise of the Consumer Critic
Juliet Schor, Boston College

Mecca-Cola and its War on Coca-Cola
Uri Ram, Ben Gurion University

The Logics of "Local": Consumption, Politics & Belonging in a Small Town
Lyn Macgregor, University of Montana


Sociology of Culture section session on Cultures of the Marketplace

Organizer and Presider:
Laura J. Miller, Brandeis University


The Gentlemanly Market: the Culture of the London Gold Fix
Rachel Harvey, University of Chicago

Movement in a Market: Explaining Fair Trade Framing Strategies
Keith Brown, University of Pennsylvania

The Institutionalization and Inversion of Morals in the Secondary Market for Life Insurance
Sarah Quinn, University of California, Berkeley

Selling Cultural Genealogy: Marketing the Classical Past in 17th-C France
Chandra Mukerji, University of California, San Diego


Section on the Sociology of Culture
Consumer Studies Research Network Roundtable

Daniel Thomas Cook, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Peddlers, Shops, and Pre-Industrial Consumers: Precursors of Consumer Culture and Unplanned Buying
Michael Wood, Hunter College

The Mastering of Musical Conduct in the Atomic Age
Randal Doane, Oberlin College

From Women's Sports and Fitness to Self: Third Wave Feminism and the Consumption Conundrum
Faye Linda Wachs, Cal Poly Pomona and Shari Lee Dworkin, Columbia University

Risk in the Marketplace: Shopping and Inequality in Urban China
Amy Hanser, University of British Columbia


The Global Child: Consumption, Childhood and National Identity: An Informal Roundtable Discussion

Nicholas Sammond, University of Toronto


Elizabeth Bernstein, Barnard University
Dan Cook University of Illinois
Kerwin Kaye, New York University