Vol. 6, No. 2, May 2004

ASA Consumption Sessions

There were many good submissions from which 3 sessions totaling 14 papers in all were chosen. These represent an interesting mix of perspectives and approaches being brought to the study of consumers, commodities and consumption. Check the ASA schedule for other papers and sessions not included here.

ASA 2005
Philadelphia, PA
August 14-17

Consumers and Consumption Regular Sessions

Theoretical Considerations in the Sociology of Consumption

Organizer and Presider
Daniel Thomas Cook, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


The "Consumer" Mistake: Genesis and Impact of a Key Conceptual Error
Michael Dawson, Portland State University

Global Consumption: McDonaldization or Multicultural Hybridization?
Janet Lorenzen, Rutgers University

"The Settings of Consumption: Cathedrals, Landscapes, and Communities"
J. Michael Ryan, University of Maryland-College Park

Therapeutic Marketing and the Pathological Contradictions of Consumer Culture
Joseph Rumbo, James Madison University

Chris Rojek, Nottingham-Trent University

Papers engage with key theoretical debates and concerns regarding what consumption is, how it is to be conceptualized, it consequences and the implications of various conceptualizations.

Consumption, Morality and Politics

Organizer and Presider
Daniel Thomas Cook, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Moralistic Consumption: Framing Fair Trade
Keith Brown, University of Pennsylvania

Faith Based Networks and the Central American Coffee Business
Amy Reynolds, Princeton University

Politics and Products: The Commercial Underpinnings of the Natural Foods Movement
Laura Miller, Brandeis University

The 'Authenticities' of Ethnic and Tourist Arts: Meanings and money in village handicraft workshops and small-sized factories
Frederick Wherry, University of Pennsylvania

Shopping for Sustainability: Green Consumption as a Means for Social Change
Wendy Wiedenhoft, John Carroll University

Papers address how consumption is implicated in moral and political discourses and practices through detailed empirical research.

Consumption, Culture, Taste and Markets

Organizer and Presider
Daniel Thomas Cook, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


The Instability of Omnivorous Cultural Taste Over Time
Gabriel Rossman, Princeton University; Richard Peterson, Vanderbilt University

The Omnivore Thesis Revisited: Voracious Cultural Consumers
Tally Katz-Gerro, University of Haifa; Oriel Sullivan, Ben-Gurion University

Culinary Deserts, Gastronomic Oases: A Classification of U.S. Cities
Zachary Neal, University of Illinois at Chicago

Tea Leaves or Tracking? Anticipating the audience for popular cinema
Lakshmi Srinivas, Wellesley College

"Country Roads" to Internationalization: Sociological Models for Understanding American Popular Music in China
Heidi Netz and Grant Blank, American University

Papers discuss a myriad of ways in which taste is adjudicated between markets and culture when consumption is the focus. Authors address the tensions between structural and agentive factors.