Vol. 6, No. 1, December 2004

Books of Note

Grazian, David. (2003). Blue Chicago: The Search for Authenticity in Urban Blues Clubs. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. An ethnographic study in the Chicago tradition looking at how those involved in the blues scene understand and define their experience

Mazzarella, William. (2003). Shoveling Smoke: Advertising and Globalization in Contemporary India. Durham: Duke University Press. An examination of the complex cultural politics of mass conumption in a globalized through the lens Indian practices.

Milner, Murray Jr. (2004). Freaks, Geeks and Cool Kids: American Teenagers, Schools, and the Culture of Consumption. NY: Routledge. Milnerís comprehensive look at the commercialzed culture of hish school kids offers a number of pertinent re-interpretations of standard sociological explanations for teen behavior and culture.

Schor, Juliet. (2004). Born to Buy. NY: Scribnerís/ Based on orignal research,including interviews with many in the advertising industry, this book is a critical and detailed look at how advertising and marketing have come to fill in virtaully ever space of childrenís lives.

Taylor, Janelle S., Linda L. Layne and Danielle F. Wozniak (eds). (2004). Consuming Motherhood. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. A wealth of well-written, exquisite chapters by anthropologists of all persuasions that examine the multitude of ways motherhood and cosnumption mutual create each other.

Tobin, Joseph (ed). (2004). Pikachuís Global Adventure. Durham: Duke University Press. The Pokemon phenomenon provides a lens into the various flows of global capital, media and meaning and delves into key questions regarding the dynamics of globalization.