Vol. 13, No. 1, December 2011

ASA Section News

The time is now to join the Sociology of Consumers and Consumption section of the ASA. Here is the opportunity to build a lasting community of scholarship in the Association. We need members to become officially a full section and we need members for intellectual vibrancy.

Right now, we are a Section-in-Formation, which means there will need to be at least 300 members by 2012. We needed 200 signatures to reach “in-Formation” status, so the goal is not so far away. But that goal is a minimum and there is always attrition.

It is exciting to have the study of consumption—in all its varieties—being recognized and institutionalized in the ASA, but this is only the beginning. Once established we will have the ability to elect officers, give out awards and co-sponsor sessions and events with others.

There is a rudimentary website for the Section where you will find the approved proposal as well as links to participate through social media:


linked in

To become an official member, you must add Consumers and Consumption to your section membership when you renew your ASA membership. Right now it costs only $5/year—in the future, we expect the dues to remain at $5 for students and probably $12 for faculty. But right now it is $5 for everyone. http://www.asanet.org/members/join.cfm.

Let anyone know about this effort who you think might be interested.

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