Vol. 10, No. 2, May 2009

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Consumption Markets and Culture
An interdisciplinary journal published four times a year by Routledge
Editors-in-Chief: Lisa Peñaloza, Professor, Ecole des Hautes EtudesCommerciales du Nord (EDHEC) Lisa.Penaloza@edhec.edu
Jonathan Schroeder, Professor of Marketing, University of Exeter J.E.Schroeder@exeter.ac.uk

Consumption, Markets and Culture, (CMC) focuses on consumerism and markets as sites of sociaL behaviour and discourse, with an emphasis on their cultural aspects. It also encourages discussion of the role of management and organisations in society, and in doing so touches on a range of topics and issues including production, consumption, colonialism, globalisation, business performance and labour conditions. Combining theories and perspectives of culture, media, and gender studies with those from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology, sociology, political studies, history, literary criticism and semiology, as well as business and management, the journal is international in its scope and iconoclastic in its aims. The editors consider marketing to be the ultimate socio-cultural intervention, as practiced in conditions of late or post modernity, in the blending of art/aesthetics with commerce in a continual renewal of styles, forms, images, and social distinctions. Documenting and contributing to better understanding of cultural discourses and practices of consumption and marketing is, thus, the journal's primary aim; its second is to take part in inquiring in the construction of the material conditions and meanings of consumption and production.

We are eagerly seeking manuscripts!

Current Volumes are available online via Informaworld. See journal’s homepage:

Volumes 1 – 5 are available on the CRITO (University of California, Irvine) website:
http://www.crito.uci.edu/noah/CMC%20Website /


Call for Papers The Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association (MAPACA) invites academics, graduate and undergraduate students, independent scholars, and other professionals to submit papers for the annual conference, to be held in Boston, MA, November 5, 2009. As an inclusive professional organization dedicated to the study of Popular Culture and American Culture in all their multidisciplinarymanifestations, MAPACA hosts presentations in a wide range of areas. Those interested in presenting at the conference are invited to submit
ONE proposal or panel to ONE of the areas listed below. Please send by e-mail a one-page abstract to the appropriate area chair by PLEASE NOTE: June 15, 2009.

Include a brief bio with your proposal. Single papers, as well as 3- or 4-person panels and roundtables, are encouraged. Sliding scale registration fees apply. For further information, please consult MAPACA's on-line newsletter, The Gazette, at www.mapaca.net.

PLEASE NOTE: Prospective presenters may submit only ONE proposal to only ONE area. Multiple submissions, whether to one area or several, will result in rejection of all proposals.


Call for Papers for The Journal of Consumer Affairs Special Issue on: Public Health Issues Influenced by Consumer Choice. Special Issue Editors: Marian Levy, University of Memphis
Marla B. Royne, University of Memphis

Consumer choices are directly related to public health. The nature of many illnesses or health problems relate directly to behaviors and lifestyles of consumers. Chronic disease risk stems from energy over-consumption and sedentary lifestyles, key factors in the epidemic of obesity and related chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and stroke. Other health threats include sub-standard housing, poor air quality, and exposure to environmental toxins. The urban built environment is linked to social factors, including poverty, racial segregation, and economic isolation. In short, consumers often have limited choices due to their physical and social environment, and these limited choices often impact
their health.

Therefore, manuscripts are being solicited for the 2010 issue of The Journal of Consumer Affairs devoted to the theoretical and practical knowledge of how consumers obtain, process, and utilize health information in the contextof their social and physical environment. We seek contributions from  multiple disciplines including public health, communications, consumer education, public policy, psychology and marketing. Authors may submit empirical studies or conceptual work. Papers that are theoretically groundedand also contain significant implications for consumer welfare are especially appropriate.

Topics that would be appropriate for this special issue include, but are
not limited to:

* The impact of effective marketing and advertising practices on public health
* Marketing & advertising strategies targeting underserved and at-risk populations
* Social determinants of health that affect consumer priorities and decisions
* Environmental factors (e.g., pollution, water quality, building safety) that influence consumer health
* Environmental improvements that expand consumer options and promote health
* The effect of product cost and availability on obesity and concomitant chronic diseases
* Access to goods & services that impact health

Submission Information
Manuscripts are due by June 1, 2009. Please follow the submission  guidelines for The Journal of Consumer Affairs as detailed under "JCA Author Guidelines" on the Blackwell Publishing web site (http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/submit.asp?ref=3D0022-0078). Authors wishing to submit a manuscript should send two (2) electronic copies of their manuscript (one with the full title page and one copy cleaned of all information that identifies the authors) to either =
of the special issue co-editors:

Marla B. Royne, Ph.D. mstaffrd@memphis.edu
Marian Levy,  Dr. P.H., R.D. mlevy@memphis.edu


Conference Calendar

Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2009
Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
June 11-14,  2009, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Consumer Culture Theory or CCT, as defined by Arnould and Thompson in the March 2005 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, refers to a family of theoretical perspectives which address the dynamic relationships between consumer actions, the marketplace, and cultural meanings. CCT researchers work in a variety of traditional academic disciplines, and bring with them numerous approaches and research goals. They share in common, however, a singular cultural orientation toward the study of consumers and consumption.

Now in its 4th year, the Consumer Culture Theory Conference is the premier venue for CCT researchers to gather in order to explore this shared cultural orientation. The Conference welcomes scholars from different academic disciplines with different theoretical perspectives, and it recognises— indeed revels in— the plurality of research approaches and goals.

Conference Website:  http://www.bus.umich.edu/ConsumerCultureTheory4/default.htm


Seminar on Consumption Theory
21-27 June 2009, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
There will be a 7-day intensive seminar that emphasizes mid-range and contextualized theory in the field of socio-cultural approaches to marketing and consumer behavior.  The intended audience includes doctoral students and junior faculty members; however, anyone interested is welcome. 
The announcement for the seminar is at: http://crts.bilkent.edu.tr/act8.html. The programs of similar seminars run in 2005 and 2007 are available at: http://crts.bilkent.edu.tr/activities.html.


Second Transformative Consumer Research Conference
“The World We All Want Conference”
June 26-28, 2009, Villanova University, Philadelphia, PA

The purpose of this conference is to bring together consumer researchers to discuss how our scholarship and actions can help alleviate the most pressing social and economic problems. This conference is specifically designed to create spaces for dialogue and intellectual exchange. We offer a unique experience aimed at fostering trans-disciplinary networks and exploring diverse visions for the future.

The deadline for submissions is: January 8, 2009. Notification will be sent by February 8, 2009. For more information on the track calls and submission details go to: http://www.villanova.edu/business/excellence/marketing/events/2009conference/index.htm


9th Conference of the European Sociological Association 
2-5 September 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

For more information on our research network and full description of the call for papers, please visit www.esa-consumption.org.

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