Vol. 10, No. 2, May 2009

ASA Consumer Sessions

Consumers and Consumption 1
Ethics and Consumption: More Choice or More Coercion?

J. Michael Ryan, University of Maryland

Zsuzsanna Vargha, Columbia University

Does it Matter Why Somebody Buys Organic Food? Consumption and Public Good in Ethical Industries
Michael Haedicke

Reflexivity and the Whole Food Market Consumer: The lived experience of shopping for change (and pleasure)
Josee Johnston and Michelle Szabo

The Consumer Cooperative Movement: An analysis of class and consumption - Joshua Carreiro
The Social Genesis of Moral Consumption: A Durkheimian View
Melissa Pirkey

Karen Bettez Halnon, Pennsylvania State University


Consumers and Consumption 2
Representations of Consumer Practices and Consumer Attitudes

J. Michael Ryan, University of Maryland

Josee Johnston, University of Toronto

Price Check on "Free": Educational Excellence or Opportunisitic Marketing
Deborah Kraklow

Promises for Profit: Commodification of Meaning and Culture in the Marketing of PostSecondary Education
Nicole Marborano van Cleve

The Consumption of Disaster: Historical Roots and Contemporary Implications
Timothy Recuber

Consumer Credit Attitudes
Sara Skiles

Katherine Chen, CUNY


Sociology of Culture Roundtable: Consumer Studies Research Network

Amy Best, George Mason University

Consumer culture and (inter)national identification processes: a figurational
Paddy Dolan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Religion and Consumption: Does Denomination and Religiosity Affect Demand for Labor Friendly and Animal-Welfare Friendly Products?
Danielle Deemer, The Ohio State University
Linda Lobao, The Ohio State University

Consuming Identity:  Consumption Practices among the Middle Class in India
Bhavani Arabandi, University of Virginia

Consumer Institutions in Consumer Markets: Local Bicycle Clubs,  National Bicycle Associations, and the Cycling Press in France and the  United States, 1875-1910
Thomas Burr, Illinois State University

Entraining Publics: Fashions, Fads, and Fans
Elizabeth Wissinger , BMCC City University of New York

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